Sustainable Table

In America’s food culture, we waste food by obsessing over absolute freshness and perfection. Forty percent of the food produced in the United States gets tossed in the trash even though much of it is still perfectly edible. This book is about how to reduce food waste in modern food culture. Finding recipes to cook using the whole vegetable, preserving leftovers for future meals, and recycling simple ingredients you’re likely to have in your pantry – This cookbook challenges people to rethink their eating habits and helps them to foster a healthy and sustainable kitchen in their home.


Editoral Design
Communication Design


The visual design is intended to send a message and educate readers in a way that is playful, interesting, and compelling. The use of a bright color palette, clean imagery, and direct writing is intended to give an “Mmm-that looks delicious” look and feel and to allow people to enjoy reading this cookbook.