Re:thinking Urban Alleys

In this project I was to choose one of the problems that needed to be solved for a better San Francisco and create a campaign that would educate the public. Although they hold great potential, alleys between buildings are often forgotten spaces in the urban environment. They have existed as a sort of abandoned space; not public enough to feel protected, a backdrop to crime, filled with trash. This campaign strives to encourage the public to understand how alleys can be improved and transformed into safe and inviting places full of characteristics.


Editorial Design
Print Collateral


When creating the visual language for the campaign, it was important that complex urban planning and infrastructure didn’t intimidate readers. The first part of the book aims to demystify what alleys really look like around us and what their problems really are, while the second part of the book deconstructs guidelines for activating urban alleys through case studies of major cities. The visual system was inspired by the environment standing around everyday corners such as signal lights, wayfinding, crossroads, and murals. This is combined with colorful, typographical, and dynamic visuals, encouraging us to see alleys with a fresh eye.