Nuture — The New Future Food

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow to 10 billion—and around 60% more food could be needed to feed everyone. Our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to our survival. Nuture is a food retail brand that creates innovative functional foods and beverages to help people get more nutrients from alternative biomaterials. The goal of the project was to create packaging designs celebrating Nuture’s identity.



Brand Identity


Nuture products are wellmade, scientifically produced, and good for consumers, so I wanted to play up that idea. The challenge was developing a cohesive system that would work across various products under one visual identity. I created a color-coded, easy-to-understand system that has a clear scientific quality in it and communicates the functions and benefits of the product. A simple approach to layout, bold use of color, and minimal type treatments with metallic materials aims to present a new kind of food for the future.