NFFTY — National Film Festival for Talented Youth

The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) is hosted annually in Seattle, Washington. It is a platform that showcases the work of young directors under the age of 24 and introduces them to industry professionals as well. The festival includes film screenings, filmmaking workshops, and discussion with panels. The mission of NFFTY is nurturing the next generation of filmmakers to inspire, to lead, and to entertain the world with their stories.


Brand Identity
Print Collateral
Digital Design


I developed a theme around the idea that “film starts here,” a celebration of creativity that begins in the heart of every single film and in the story of every young director. Alternating from a creative, diverse, and dynamic voice for the brand, the visual system strives to translate parts of these attributes into the brand identity. The result features quirky graphic layouts with snapshots to invite and intrigue the viewer. Graphically, the bold use of colors and hand-drawn illustration accents create a sense of vibrancy, energy, and playfulness.